As readers will discover from All Signs Point to Paris: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Destiny, astrology doesn’t tell you who you are, what you should do, or even what will happen. Astrologers are not fortune-tellers.

Instead, they offer pathways to the journeys you can choose to take in search of your highest and best self. It’s never exactly easy, but with a little celestial guidance and a lot of intentional work, astrology can help open the door to greater self-acceptance and a more authentic engagement with the people and world around you. And what happens after that is truly magic.

My astrologer Stephanie Jourdan Ph.D. is a popular authority and celebrity go-to astrologer who is based in Los Angeles and has a global clientele. With more than thirty years in the field, her full-time practice is exclusive – by referral only – and her waiting list runs six months or longer. I am excited to introduce my readers to Stephanie both as an expert and as a character in the book. In the memoir, Stephanie provides brief Western astrology information, including the Point of Destiny teaching. According to Stephanie, “The Point of Destiny is the highest expression of your being, where you receive the most support from your own higher self and the Universe. It is not something easily attained in the way that we usually think of destiny as a given, but more like a precious journey, that if undertaken, provides the most sublime results.”

To get in touch with Stephanie directly, please visit her website Higher Self Communications.