“It had taken me forty-five years to ask out loud for what I really and truly wanted. And one year for the universe to answer me back.”

Propulsive, touching, and darkly funny, All Signs Point to Paris is the story of one woman’s search for a second chance at love.

Divorced, broke, and heartsick, it seems like things can’t get worse for LA-based single mom and real estate agent Natasha Sizlo—and then she learns her beloved father is dying. With almost everything going devastatingly wrong, Natasha doesn’t know what to do or where to turn.

So when Nicole, her totally-out-there-but-true-blue best friend, offers some very special help in the form of a session with LA’s most sought-after astrologer, Natasha thinks: Why the hell not? Nevermind that she doesn’t believe in astrology, at all. Because whatever else has been guiding Natasha thus far in life hasn’t exactly been working.

Despite her skepticism, Natasha’s reading with the astrologer is eerily, impossibly accurate. She offers startling but also hopeful insight into Natasha’s tumultuous past, her shaky present, and her swirling future. The astrologer sees that her funny, brilliant, and fading father Bob will soon leave this world but also, his spirit will stay helpfully by Natasha’s side. Just before the reading ends, Natasha asks about her emotionally unavailable, yet terribly handsome ex-boyfriend, the one she can’t seem to get over no matter what. Could the astrologer possibly help with that? Because romantic stress is just not what she needs right now.

To Natasha’s shock, the astrologist tells her he is The One. His birthdate and birthplace—November 2, 1968 in Paris, France—line up with Natasha’s astrological point of destiny. The word husband comes up in the reading.

Natasha feels faint. Is her problematic ex really the big soul love she’s destined for? True, she’s never met anyone else like him, ever. But also: WTF?!

Then, Natasha has a lightning bolt of an idea: her ex couldn’t possibly be the only available man born on November 2, 1968 in Paris, could he? No! Which means her soulmate isn’t him! He’s still out there—she just has to find him. And get her dad’s blessing. And learn French. Plus find money for a ticket to Paris. And convince her worried big sister, Tara, that this soulmate search is not a batshit crazy scheme, not a way to hide from their family’s crushing grief over their father, but a big idea that makes total, beautiful sense to the universe.

ALL SIGNS POINT TO PARIS is a memoir of love and loss, but also of magic, ghosts, best friends, and sisters that takes the reader on a journey from the glitter and grind of Los Angeles to the dizzying charms of Paris, where one’s fate just might be written in the stars.